Working with CI/CD
  • 29 Oct 2023
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Working with CI/CD

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Article Summary

What you'll learn in this article

This article will describe how to integrate Kapeta with any CI/CD pipeline - and show examples for some tools.

Note: - Also see Working with Git

The Kapeta CLI

To publish to Kapeta in a CI/CD context - you'll need the Kapeta CLI - called kap.

The publish command is simply called publish: kap registry publish

This will scan your local folder and subfolders for files called "kapeta.yml" - which contain all the information kapeta needs to publish your assets.

You install the command line utility via NPM : npm i -g @kapeta/kap

You'll also need to authenticate against your Kapeta account. You do this by creating a service account in your account - download the JWT token for that service account and provide it to the CLI process via the env var KAPETA_CREDENTIALS_TOKEN - the value should be the JWT token as a base64 encoded string.

Github Action

We have prepared a Github Action for you that does the legwork for you - you simply need to run that in a place where there is some kapeta assets.

You can find the GitHub action and learn how to use it here:

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